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About the Adventures of Tea!

Ten Healthy Teas introduces you to the wonderful world of tea, which has many natural health benefits as well as being a beloved part of social ritual, and a comforting way to take a moment for yourself in a busy day.


Tea will help relieve your stress and  it helps you to live longer. There are many different kinds of herbal  and conventional teas. Each has unique benefits that help you stay healthy.

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This was such a joyful little book. I was able to relax with two of my favorite things...a delicious tea and a good book!
I especially enjoyed her tips for tea lovers and health enthusiasts. How refreshing. -- Cheryl Robinson, "Just About Books radio talk show host." 

Valerie Lull's approach to healthy tea is simplistic and engaging. I personally can't wait to try all of these different fascinating healthful teas. – Se. S. Florida

 Ten Healthy Teas is a wonderful resource for the current or potential tea lover. What makes the book different is its simplicity. It includes basic easy recipes with no more than two or three ingredients using tea bags instead of loose tea. It’s a good read for people that are new to herbal teas, and for busy people that would like to know more about teas, but don't have a lot of time to spend. G.S. – Florida

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